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Working Remotely

From very early on, Wix set themselves the ambitious goal of not only educating their users on how to use their app, but also to empower them by teaching them how to grow their business online. With this notion in mind, Wix launched WixEd - Wix's free online training program, made up of videos and downloadable materials, designed for wix users to grow their business online by constructing their web and mobile sites.

In charge of the production of these high quality video tutorials for WixEd is the Director of Education at Wix,Yuval Finkelstein, who manages remote teams in both New York and Tel Aviv. These teams, who do all their production in-house, shoot, edit and produce over 200 tutorial videos a year for the WixEd website and their YouTube channel.

In this case study, Finkelstein explains how using LookAt managed to help Wix to turn into an advantage the fact that they work in different time zones, increasing the amount of video production and uploads from 10 to more than 30 new videos each week.

The Challenge

Like many other international businesses spread around various countries, Wix believed that there is no way to escape the complications of the review and approval workflow when working in remote teams and different time zones. "We always worked in the email system to review files, and would waste each day an hour at least on making conference calls trying to synchronize the two teams before our day ends and theirs begins. We figured that that's the price we had to pay for working in two different time zones." Finkelstein recalls.

"Whenever our production team in NY sent files to our headquarters in TLV, we would have to wait for them to download everything, write down the comments and email them back to us with a very long list of time codes. Then we would have the tedious work of deciphering these notes in relation to the video they were made on. The editors and I would always need two screens - one for watching the video and one with the email open to see the time codes and understand what the comment was about. It took forever to understand everything that was written and to which frame it related, and if it took us more than an hour to go over everything, our team in TLV was already closed and the discussion had to be postponed for the following day. Since we work on multiple projects with multiple videos, this would happen a lot, so we were almost always one day behind."

The Solution

Adopting LookAt as their review and approval tool was very intuitive for Wix. "As opposed to other apps that required a lot of effort to make the team adopt and move our work into, with LookAt it was so easy. From the first time we used it the workflow was obvious: upload the cut, everybody gets notification that a new file was uploaded, everybody views it and make their comments. There was no further need to do anything more than that."

Wix found that the main aspect of LookAt that made it so efficient was the fact that everything was in one place and in context of the video, relieving them from endless explanation emails and screen shots, as Finkelstein explains: "Instead of making screen captures or trying to describe in writing the element you are referring to, you simply annotate on the footage - it's coherent, takes seconds and it's in direct context to the exact time code and spot on the frame. I don't have to go anywhere else, it's all written right there on the video. Reviewing files turned from a process that takes hours to complete into a one that takes minutes, allowing both teams to easily communicate and have more free time to discuss things if necessary".

As a team director, Finkelstein also found LookAt to be a great time saving tool for him as a manager and not just for the team as a whole. "The fact that we can mention collaborators makes my job really easy" he explains. "Instead of diving into tons of emails and videos, trying to sort what's relevant to me, the mentions tool allows me to filter only comments that are addressed to me, click the link and jump right into the conversation and give my opinion" .

Yuval Finkelstein, Director Of Education at Wix.com
"As opposed to other apps that required a lot of effort to make the team adopt and move our work into, with LookAt it was so easy!"
" I don't have to go anywhere else, it's all written right there on the video. Reviewing files turned from a process that takes hours to complete into a one that takes minutes "

Asking Finkelstein what was the greatest benefit of adopting the LookAt platform, he smiles. "I know it's a cliche, but it's true what they say - time is money. We were always in a delay of at least a day because of remote work, and LookAt completely resolved this". WixEd's productivity in video production has improved considerably, allowing them today to upload more than 30 new tutorial videos to their youtube channel every week. "This week alone we were working on 35 videos, which means 35 conversations between 2 teams and 10 different people. No one is lost and nothing falls between the cracks. That's amazing!"

Adopting LookAt began for Wix as an attempt to ease some of the difficulties of working in remote teams with different time zones, but Finkelstein surprises by stating that it turned out to be much more than that; "Lookat helped us to turn into an advantage the fact that we work in two time zones, sound crazy but it's true - we simply have more hours of the day. The production keeps on going and proceeding even when we're not working on our side. It's almost as if to say: if you want to use LookAt best, then spread your people across more places in the world, you'll get more done in less time".

Wix is a cloud-based web development platform that allows anyone, including small business owners, to easily bring their businesses online by creating web and mobile sites through the use of drag and drop tools and other capabilities and features.

WixEd is a free online training program, made up of short videos and downloadable materials, designed to wix users to construct their websites and grow their business online.